Video: Unboxing and building the Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car!

We must have done something very right with our previous Lego Technic build video, or perhaps they took pity on how long GC Mah had to sit through to film that video. But whatever the reason was, Lego thought it was a good idea to send us yet another Technic set – this time the McLaren Formula 1 Race Car – so obviously we had to put our resident Lego man through it again, at least for your entertainment.

Fortunately for him, the McLaren F1 Race Car build here took a little less time than the last one, although he still managed to lose track of time. The shorter build time is in part due to the lower parts count, coming in at 1,432 pieces. But don’t let that number fool you, because the final car is massive – measuring over 65 cm long!

The lesser part count is in part due to the inherent design of an F1 car, with more smooth and flat surfaces on the main body shell to aid aerodynamic performance. As a result, GC also told us that this F1 car is a little easier to build, thanks to its larger individual pieces.

So even though the set is officially rated for those aged 18 and above, younger Lego fans should still able to enjoy it – if they can follow instructions.

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Formula 1 and McLaren fans, however, will notice that the car is not quite the 2022-spec MCL36. That’s because when the Lego Technic set was launched, McLaren hasn’t even launched their official race car livery just yet. And obviously F1 being F1, everything is locked in a vault until go time – not even an officially-licensed Lego product can get a sneak peek!

So it still has the livery and colours from last year, along with (mostly) the same sponsors. But with that being said, the general shape of the car is still inspired by the 2022 Formula 1 regulations, most obviously with the larger 18-inch wheels, simpler front wings, and the curved rear wings at the back. A MCL35.5, if you will.

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The Lego Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car (42141) is priced at RM799.90, and is now available at Lego Certified Stores nationwide, Lego Official Stores on Lazada and Shopee, Legoland, as well as major retailers and department stores in Malaysia.


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