This Ferrari 296 GTB scale model costs more than a brand-new Myvi

What you’re looking at here isn’t an actual Ferrari 296 GTB, but rather Amalgam’s 1:8 scale model of the new Prancing Horse. Don’t worry – we were fooled, too, but it really highlights the accuracy of the model, and is also probably why they can charge a whopping USD14,017 (approx. RM59k) for one. Ouch.

The company maintains a long-time collaboration with Ferrari, so the hand-built models are pretty much as accurate as it gets – even receiving official approval from the Ferrari Centro Stile (design centre) following an “intense dive into every detail”.

Based on the original CAD drawings of the actual 296 GTB, Amalgam’s scale model is said to be made from thousands of “precisely engineered parts” such as castings, photo-etchings, and CNC machined metal components. Even the paint codes and specifications are directly from Ferrari themselves!

Each unit takes over 300 hours to complete, while the development process itself took over 3,000 hours. Just like the actual Ferrari 296 GTB, the scale model can also be customised and built to the owner’s own bespoke specification!

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It’s hard to find a flaw on the scale model based on the photos – even the tyres have the same graphic as actual Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubbers! The attention to detail even extends into the interior – which can be “accessed” via the functional opening doors. The dashboard looks almost identical to the actual car, and the seat upholstery even has red stitching.

The Amalgam Ferrari 296 GTB 1:8 scale model is limited to just 199 units only, and the first models are already being shipped to be displayed in Ferrari’s offices and dealerships across Central Europe. The company says that there’ll also be a smaller 1:12 scale model in the future, although pricing hasn’t been disclosed just yet.



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