Mk8 Volkswagen Golf’s voice command to be 4x more responsive than before

Convenient and innovative: the Golf’s new voice control.

Volkswagen announced that it has updated and optimised the infotainment of the new Mk8 Golf with new software and hardware for a wider range of functions.

Due to go into production in a few weeks, Volkswagen said the voice command feature, in particular, will respond up to four times faster than before. The improvements will also be seen in the navigation feature and when scrolling through the infotainment functions.

The improved voice control system will allow customers to operate the entertainment, navigation, telephone, and climate control. Its ability to understand commands has also been improved.

“Hello Volkswagen” is the phrase used to start what is known as natural voice control. Like the Proton X70’s “Hi Proton” feature, the system in the Golf can also understand casual phrases such as “I’m cold” or “Where can I find a Japanese restaurant?”

Using digital microphones, the system can also recognise whether the driver or the passenger is speaking as it can activate the air conditioning specifically for the person requesting it.

Another area of improvement is the touchscreen. When the user’s finger comes within a few centimetres of the screen, the buttons around the hazard warning light switch are blocked. Once contact is made with the screen, sliders for volume and temperature will also be blocked to avoid unintentional activation of the control panels.


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