No matter how much you don’t like to hear it, Porsche is undeniably an SUV brand now. They already have the Macan and Cayenne, which are both bestsellers, but according to a new report by Automotive News, they aren’t stopping there quite yet.

Citing an unnamed Porsche dealer in the US as source, the publication reported that the German carmaker is in the process of developing a new three-row SUV that’s even bigger than the Cayenne. The story adds that it’s currently still in the concept phase, but is expected to reach showrooms some time after 2025.

The dealer said that “it’s a new style of vehicle that is part sedan, part crossover,” and will feature a “rakish” design, with another dealer supposedly familiar with the car adding: “It’s very un-Porsche-like. It has a flat rear design; it’s not anything like the Macan and Cayenne.”

If the rumours turn out to be true, then it’ll be the first Porsche to (legally) seat more than five occupants.

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Obviously, there won’t be any information on the mechanical bits of the rumoured three-row Porsche SUV at this time. However, dealers are expecting it to be a plug-in hybrid at launch, with a battery-powered EV to follow after that.

The new SUV could also be related to a flagship electric model that Volkswagen Group is said to be developing for Audi, Porsche, and Bentley, codenamed Landjet.

When asked for comments, a Porsche spokesperson told Automotive News that they won’t comment or speculate on specific future models.

“We’re grateful for such creativity within our business, as we’re continually exploring new opportunities and where we might compete in the future,” the spokesperson said. “Whether these go any further than renderings and ideas to make it to the production stage — let alone how they will be powered or configured — is undecided.”

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