Trapo unveils updated range of anti-bacterial car mats with up to 10x more durability

Trapo, the home-grown customisable car mat brand, today unveiled its newest line-up of car mats featuring various new improvements to their existing products, in response to customer demand and latest technologies.

First of three new products is the Trapo Classic Mark III, an upgrade from the best-selling Trapo Classic Mark II with two times the durability of its predecessor. New on the Mark III is a new deodorising mechanism, which helps neutralise any odours in the mat and your car for a scentless experience from day one.

The Trapo Classic Mark III also comes in two new colour options – brown and grey – in addition to black to suit more vehicles’ interiors better. The Classic Mark III starts at RM199.90.

The same brown colour option and new deodorising technology is also available for the range-topping Trapo Hex II mats, but the Hex II stands out with its increased strength of up to 10 times the durability of its predecessor.

There’s also a reengineered padding tracking design which helps optimise grip between the mat and the vehicle’s flooring, while the metal plate at the bottom has now been replaced with a more sustainable rice husk plate, in line with the company’s eco-friendly values.

Both the Trapo Hex II and Trapo Classic Mark III features the brand’s patented technology that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The Trapo Hex II starts at RM339.90.

Last but not least is the Trapo Eco Duo, featuring a new dual-layer design to help trap more dust in the mat, and allows for easier cleaning. The Eco Duo features an eco-friendly design utilising up to 68% of recycled materials, and also allows for more customisation options, including an exclusive army green lining. The Eco Duo starts at RM169.90.

All three new mats also features a new Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET) lining material, using up to 12 recycled 500 ml bottles per mat!

More information on the new Trapo mats can be found on its website, linked here.


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