Video: Proton X50 vs Proton X70 drag race on KLIA runway

It’s been four weeks since we first released our KLIA Drag Race series sponsored by Petronas. Without realising, we’re nearly at the end of it now but we’re not bowing out without a bang.

This week’s video is just a little more different and unique than the rest because this time we have two of Malaysia hottest and most well-known SUVs at the moment. It’s an “abang” versus “adik” drag race – the Proton X70 against the X50.

You’re probably wondering….but why? Well, when we thought of doing this, the mindset was more like “Why not?”.

Firstly, no one has done it before, and secondly, even though they’re in different categories in terms of size, wouldn’t you want to know which of the two most well-known Proton SUVs is quicker? Even if it didn’t make sense, you’d want to know too right?

The X70 (Premium X) had 184 hp and 300 Nm while the X50 (Flagship) delivered 177 hp and 255 Nm. The X70 may be a little more powerful (on paper) but it’s also over 300 kilograms heavier than the X50.

What does this mean in real world conditions? Well, you’ll find out when you hit the “PLAY” icon!


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