Adorable Hyundai Casper open for booking in Korea from only RM49k!

After a brief introduction to the tiny SUV, Hyundai has opened the placement of reservations for the new Casper. Measuring just 3.6 metres in length and 1.6 metres in width, the Hyundai Casper is even smaller than our Perodua Ativa yet can be had with a 1.0-litre turbo engine!

Hyundai Korea is offering the Casper in three variants across a choice of naturally-aspirated ‘Smartstream’ or turbocharged ‘Kappa’ 1.0-litre engine (Casper Active)- Smart, Modern and Inspiration. The standard available power of 76 hp and 95 Nm from the ‘Smartstream’ engine is sent to the front wheels via four-speed automatic transmission.

Key selling features in the Hyundai Casper is the multi-functional interior and the full suite of safety features. The designers have cleared the central section of the front seats to accommodate a bench seat for added convenience. A two-tone colour scheme adds to the youthful and active personality of the Hyundai Casper.

To allow owners to fully maximise the interior space of the Hyundai Casper, the front seats can be fully folded downwards and combined with the sliding rear seats for relaxation like on a comfortable lounge. The rear seats can recline as much as 39 degrees, a significant angle given the compact dimensions.

When all seats are fully folded, an interior length of 2,059 mm allows for a comfortable lie down for quick naps after completing outdoor activities.

The new Hyundai Casper is fitted with a host of advanced safety features including a centre side airbag on the front seats to minimise side contact between the two occupants. Apart from the usual active advanced safety assist systems like autonomous emergency braking, the Hyundai Casper also comes with Smart Cruise Control and Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist.

Pricing for the Hyundai Casper 1.0 non-turbo engine begins at KRW13.85 million (approx. RM49.4k) for the Smart variant, KRW15.9 million (approx. RM57k) for the Modern and KRW18.7 million (approx. RM66.6k) for the Inspiration.

Hyundai Motor has earmarked Hydrogen technology as the key to its success in the future. Learn more about its immediate plans here that include a sportscar!

The Casper Active with a turbocharged 1.0-litre ‘Kappa’ engine with outputs of 100 hp and 171 Nm, available on all variants, meanwhile requires customers to top up KRW900,000 to KRW950,000 (approx. RM3.2k to RM3.4k), making the range-topping Casper Inspiration Active priced at KRW19.6 million (approx. RM70k).

For reference, the range-topping Hyundai Casper Inspiration Active is priced just KRW20,000 cheaper than an entry-level Hyundai Kona 2.0 IVT.



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