With all that’s happened in the Mazda camp these few months, it’s hard to believe any more that they’re not making a new rotary sports car. Following last week’s news of a hydrogen-powered rotary engine, another Japanese automotive publication, Hatena Blog, has now found eight new Mazda trademark filings to support that rumour – including a new logo and three “e-SkyActiv R” names.

Source: Hatena Blog

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the logo clearly references the rotors in a rotary engine, and it also resembles the Japanese marque’s rotary logos of its early days, including the Spirit R ones. Mazda also managed to incorporate an ‘e’-letter cutout into the logo, which we presume that it points towards some kind of electrification.

Mazda also recently applied trademark for a new ‘R’ logo – is the Spirit R coming back? Read more about it here!

The trademarked names further corroborate our hunch – e-SkyActiv R-Energy, e-SkyActiv R-HEV, and e-SkyActiv R-EV. The “e-SkyActiv” name is in-tune with Mazda’s current branding for their electrified powertrain, and well, the R at the back is pretty self-explanatory.

Source: Hatena Blog

If we had to guess, the R-HEV is probably destined for a Hybrid Electric Vehicle, with the rotary engine directly powering the wheels in a parallel hybrid set-up, while the R-EV points towards the rotary range extenders, recently confirmed for the Mazda MX-30.

That leaves us with R-Energy, which sounds like a name from an overzealous energy drinks company. We’re kidding, but we still aren’t too sure what to make of it – could it be referencing to an alternative form of energy source (read: fuel), such as Hydrogen?

Mazda will be unveiling a rotary-powered range extender variant to the MX-30 EV next year. Read more about it here!

Of course, the usual disclaimer still applies: a trademark application doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything or turn into an actual product eventually; companies sometimes just trademark things as a placeholder, or to prevent others from having a similar name to what they’re planning to release.

But then again, with that much smoke, there must be a fire; with that many rumours swirling about the very same topic within such a short timeframe, it seems more than likely that Mazda is actually working on a rotary engine and/or a sporty coupe. We can’t wait to see what actually comes out!

Recent Mazda patents suggest that the company is making a new sports coupe based on the RX-Vision concept! Check it out here.

As for the other four trademark applications, Hatena Blog thinks that they’re just trim names to be applied to JDM models: ‘Field Journey’ and ‘Sports Appearance’ for the Mazda CX-5, ‘VS Terracotta Selection’ for the MX-5 Roadster RF (in addition to the existing VS White Selection), and a ‘Pro-X Ross Style’ that’s stumped most journalists online.

[source: Hatena Blog via AutoBlog]