McLaren F1 with under 400 km mileage just sold for more than RM86 million

A McLaren F1 road car has set a new record auction price of USD 20.465 million (approx. RM86.7 million), surpassing the previous record of USD 15.62 million (approx. RM66.2 million) in 2017.

The figure is the highest ever for a McLaren F1 car, as the previous closest figure was only USD19.8 million (approx. RM83.9 million) – for a McLaren F1 road car that was converted into an LM-specification race car.

The McLaren F1 had only clocked around 390 km and was found to be in the same condition as it left the showroom over 26 years ago in 1995.

It has spent most of its life hidden away in a private Japanese collection, but this is no abandoned barn find. It’s been carefully maintained and rarely driven.

In fact, the car is “so original” that it even had the same Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres that were on the car when it left the factory. It’s also complete with an original luggage set, titanium tool kit, owner’s manual, and special TAG Heuer watch.

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The car with chassis No.29 is the 25th McLaren F1 ever built and is the only one with the Creighton Brown exterior colour. The unique combination of brown and purple was named after a McLaren executive who was instrumental to the company. The distinctive exterior is complemented by dark brown/light tan leather upholstery.

Just 106 units of the three-seater, BMW-powered V12 supercar were produced between 1992 and 1998, with just 64 units sold with original road car specification. To this day, it’s still the fastest naturally-aspirated production car with a top speed of 386 km/h.

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