Crazy or justified? Rare Nissan Skyline GT-R in Malaysia priced at RM2 million

If you’ve been observing the used car market for 90s to early 2000s Japanese tuner/sports car, you’d be aware that prices for them these days, regardless of make and model, are sky-high.

This Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur is one such example and that RM2,000,0300 asking price isn’t purely based on the importer’s greed, but it seems to be the market value (somewhat) for one of these things.

After a little digging on the Internet through several international classifieds, it seems the V-Spec II Nur has been valued at RM1.6 million in Australia as early as 2015. A more recent post for the same car on JDM Expo also valued the car at over RM2 million. The “Nur” in the name was inspired by the Nurburgring circuit, in case you were wondering.

But why is it so expensive? For starters, it was among the final production Skyline GT-Rs by Nissan and as for the V-Spec II Nur, only 718 were ever built.

Performance-wise, the V-Spec II Nur made 334 hp, far more than the 280 hp in “normal GT-Rs”, as a result of bigger turbos and higher boost. Significant work was also done to the chassis and suspension of the Nurburgring edition along with distinctive features like a gold valve cover and a 300 km/h speedometer.

Also adding to the rarity is the Millenium Jade exterior colour, where only 156 units of the V-Spec II Nur were produced in that colour.

Source: Mutiara Motors Facebook



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