MCO 3.0: RM 500 handout for e-hailing, taxi and bus drivers

Under the Malaysian government’s latest “Permerkasaan Tambahan” strategic programme to empower the people and economy initiative, drivers of e-hailing vehicles, taxis, buses, rental cars as well as tourist guides are set to receive a second one-off RM500 aid this year.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said an allocation of RM68 million has been set aside to ease the burden of the affected group under the recently enforced MCO3.0 “full lockdown” due to the record levels of daily Covid-19 cases.

In this latest census, the government is targeting 62,000 e-hailing and rental car drivers, 40,000 taxi drivers, 11,000 school bus drivers, 4,000 excursion bus drivers and 17,000 tour guides. The RM 500 payment is scheduled to begin dispersing in July.

This is the third of such financial aid distribution to the individuals from the group above, the first in April 2020 and the latest distributed in February.

Both taxis and e-hailing vehicles are limited to only ferry one passenger per vehicle and public transport is operating at 50% capacity with reduced frequencies. Find out more about travelling restrictions during the two weeks of “full lockdown” here.


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