This 87-year old lady has been driving her Nissan 200SX for 30 years!

These days, shopping for new items can be done with just a few clicks – making us swap the old for the new way before the former starts to expire. With new tech rolling out faster than we can remember, keeping old faithful belongings alive may get you a few eyeballs and uninvited remarks.

That’s unless the item in question is a completely standard Nissan 200SX, which has been in the family for 30 years since it was purchased brand new 30 years ago in 1991!

Tucked away in the small town of Knysna at the very edge of South Africa, the unmolested 200SX belongs to 87-year old June Bouwer. Having spent most of their lives in the city of Johannesburg, the time came to escape the city bustle for the rural life.

In enticing her to leave the city, June’s husband offered to buy any car of her choice and of all the fancy cars she could’ve gone for, June went for the 200SX.

Apparently, it wasn’t easily available either. It had to be specially ordered from a local Nissan dealer in Dunkeld, in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

According to Prestige Multimedia, the original source of this story, there isn’t a speck of rust in sight! At 30 years old, it has clearly aged better than all of us (including the writer who is 32), as proper servicing and maintenance has always been June’s top priority.

The car has spent its entire life in the garage and the condition of the cabin, the trims and the red paint is a clear reflection of it. With a little scrub, the 200SX could even easily fool most as a brand new car.

Asked if she ever gave the car a good run, June said that she once got it up to 160 km/h, and it was enough. Not bad when you consider that June was already a retiree when she bought the car!

Image credit/source: Prestige Multimedia Facebook



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