Peugeot updates its logo – the return of the lion’s head

Peugeot, the oldest continuous car brand, has launched a new logo that is the eleventh update and with that, an accompanying new brand identity. The last update to the brand’s logo was done in 2010.

The new logo still retains the iconic Peugeot lion but now focuses on a roaring lion’s head inside a coat of arms and is created by Peugeot’s Design Lab.

Peugeot first used the lion’s head as a logo back in 1960 with an update five years later. Over two years ago, the company showcased the Peugeot E-Legend Concept that carried the lion’s head logo.

The emblem has been created to acknowledge Peugeot’s evolution as a brand, its innovative and successful model line-up and its continuing transition to electrification, having committed to offering an electrified variant across its entire model line-up by 2025.

Peugeot has slated to have the all-new 308 model as the first car to wear the new logo which will make its world premiere later this year.

Dealership signage and overall ambience will also be updated with the new logo and brand identity. With a new brand identity that celebrates the concept of ‘time’ and living in the moment, Peugeot is working to streamline the customer journey, from purchasing their new car to every aspect of driving and owning a vehicle.

The Peugeot brand in Malaysia has recently exchanged distributorship. Since December 2020, a new joint venture between Berjaya Corporation, Bermaz Auto and an undisclosed shareholder was formed to distribute and maintain Peugeot vehicles in Malaysia.

The newly incorporated company is called Berjaya Auto Alliance Sdn Bhd (BAASB). Aside from distributing Peugeot vehicles, BAASB is now also the provider of aftersales services and spare parts for Citroën and DS vehicles in Malaysia.


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