Video: The first Ferrari Pista Spider in Malaysia with full Tailor Made treatment!

Buying a Ferrari, for normal mortals like us, is already a distant pipe dream that will probably never happen in our lifetime – unless you suddenly hit the jackpot, or a Nigerian prince decided to give you half of his inheritance. But for some, a “normal” Ferrari just isn’t special enough.

Fortunately, for the top 1% of the elite one percenters, Naza Italia is now offering the Tailor Made programme, where you can customise virtually everything on your Ferrari to make it truly yours – the only one in the world. So when they offered us to check out the first Ferrari Pista Spider in Malaysia, that has also been customised with a full Tailor Made treatment, how could GC Mah, known Ferrari fanboy, ever say no to that?

Like the first Ferrari Pista Spider you see in the video above, every Ferrari order does come with an already extensive range of customisation options for the buyer – from paint finishes and liveries, to the steering wheel and upholstery inside. But then again, if you want something that’s truly special, you wouldn’t want the options that are offered to every other customer.

Enter, the Ferrari Tailor Made programme, which can only be done in three Tailor Made centres across the world – Maranello, Shanghai, or New York City. With the help of a team of experts led by a Personal Designer, the limit to your personalisation is pretty much your own imagination.

For this particular custom-made Ferrari Pista Spider, the owner even had a dragon embroidered onto the back of the cabin, a design that was inspired by his favourite jacket. Other unique touches include the blue carbon fibre panels throughout the car (even within the engine bay!), which is aligned diagonally with a wider weave for a holographic effect.

The Tailor Made programme has three main themes where you can choose from – the Classica which uses more vintage-looking materials for the classic GT look, Scuderia which seeks to emulate the Ferrari race cars, or Inedita where every colour and material choice is intended to stand out from the crowd.

But how much does it cost? Unfortunately, Ferrari doesn’t disclose the price of their Tailor Made cars. But for a Ferrari where you can say that there’s truly only one in the world, plus it is made specifically to your tastes – well, you can’t really put a price on that, can you?

For the lucky few who have the means to enjoy this level of customisation, you can learn more about Ferrari’s Tailor Made programme here. And for the rest of us, well, here’s a gallery for you to peer over every detail.



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