Nissan celebrates 10 years of the Leaf EV with special-edition Leaf10 model

The Nissan Leaf turned 10 years old in 2020. As a little celebration, Nissan has unveiled a special edition of the all-electric hatchback, called the Leaf10, to commemorate the anniversary.

The Leaf10 sets itself apart from the regular electric hatchback with an intricate Kumiko pattern inspired by the Nissan Ariya, which adorns the wing mirrors, roofline, and boot lid. A ‘Leaf10’ model badge sits on the C-pillars, while a set of 17-inch alloys complete the exterior styling.

Feature wise, the key addition to the Nissan Leaf10 is the in-car WiFi hotspot connectivity, providing built-in 4G connectivity for up to seven devices. It also works in conjunction with the NissanConnect Services smartphone app, which provides additional remote features such as monitoring the battery charge level, locking and unlocking, as well as pre-activate the air conditioning in the cabin.

The Nissan Leaf10 is also equipped as standard with Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (IBSI) and Intelligent Rear View Mirror, the latter usually a GBP395 (~RM2.2k) cost option, to provide greater visibility and reassurance whilst driving.

“Since Leaf launched in 2010, Nissan has continued to evolve its EV technology, connected services and design to ensure it delivers on the demands and lifestyles of owners,” Nissan Europe Chief Marketing Manager of Electric Passenger Cars & Infrastructure, Helen Perry.

“Our iconic model has attracted over 180,000 motorists across Europe. We hope that with its enhanced styling features and latest technologies such as In-Car Wi-Fi and its remote functions including lock and unlock capabilities to receive packages; Leaf can continue to excite those who are just starting their EV journey.”

No details on the Leaf10’s powertrain were shared during the announcement, but the standard Nissan Leaf is available in two battery configurations: a 40 kWh version with 150 hp and 320 Nm of torque, or a 62 kWh version with 217 hp and 340 Nm of torque.

Here in Malaysia, the Nissan Leaf is available solely in the 40 kWh configuration, which is good for a NEDC-rated range of 311 km from a full charge. Interested in a zero-emissions future? Be sure to check out our full review to see what we thought about the Nissan Leaf!



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