Subaru’s all-new BRZ Super GT300 challenger looks properly pissed-off

The all-new Subaru BRZ, unveiled just last month, has a sort of silly-grin look to it – to us at least – probably due to its large mouth-like grille. While it’s inoffensive, the gleeful look probably won’t fly in a more serious setting, like the Super GT races that Subaru races in. It’s a good thing then that the changes Subaru made on the BRZ Super GT300 challenger makes it look properly angry.

The new race car was revealed during a Subaru Motorsport fan appreciation live stream over the weekend. For those who just want to see and hear it in action, check it out in the video below at 1:54:52.

While it’s based on the road-going Subaru BRZ, not much is shared between that and this race car version aside from the general silhouette and the headlights and taillights. Set to compete in the Super GT300 class (the lower-rung class in the series), the race car version of the Subaru BRZ is given a much more aggressive exterior with widened fenders, a huge front splitter, massive two-tiered rear diffusers, and of course, a humongous towering rear wing, because race car.

There’s also the obligatory race car ducts and vents, a ventilated front bonnet, race fuelling mechanisms, simplified side mirrors, polycarbonate windows (for weight savings), lightweight BBS wheels, and what appears to be an escape hatch on the roof. Subaru basically did not share any other details regarding the race car specification BRZ, though do expect most of the exterior bodywork to be made out of carbon fibre.

What’s also still a mystery is its beating heart underneath the front bonnet. Based on Subaru’s previous entries into the Super GT300 class, we figure that it will still be a four-cylinder boxer engine underneath the hood, but of course, a lot higher in output than the 228 hp and 249 Nm of torque of the road-going version.

We’ll know more about it soon enough, but for those that want to see it in person, the Subaru BRZ race car will be competing in the Super GT 300 series next year, where Sepang has been confirmed to return in the 2021 calendar for a night race – pending confirmation of dates!



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