You can only buy this limited-edition Porsche 911 Turbo, if you buy a private jet!

Porsche has collaborated with Embraer Group, an aviation company, to create a very unique, limited-edition 911 Turbo S but this is not something you can just ask Porsche to sell to you.

Only those who purchase the Embraer Phenom 300E business jet, which is limited to just 10 units, can purchase the 911 Turbo S which has been customised to match the private jet.

For starters, both share the same exterior finish – a two-tone Platinum Silver Metallic and Jet Grey Metallic with Brilliant Chrome and Speed Blue – which were painted on by hand.

There’s even a special logo created for this collaboration, mimicking the wings of an aeroplane. The logo is embossed on the 911’s headrests and is also featured on the limited edition badge.

Each 911 Turbo will also come with a registration number of the jet that it accompanies; positioned on the underside of the 911’s rear wing and on the sides of the key fob.

Elsewhere, the logo from the collaboration is also projected onto the ground when the doors open, while a special emblem can be seen on the B-pillars. Get this, everything you see in this interior is not available for the standard production 911 Turbo S.

The door sill trims feature “No step” lettering illuminated in red – a reference to the sign seen on an airplane’s wings. As for the dial of the stopwatch on the 911’s dashboard, it’s finished with a printed-on artificial horizon. The 911 Turbo even comes with an indoor car cover that says “Remove Before Flight”.

Aside from the private jet and car, the 10 extremely wealthy owners will also receive a 1919 Globetime UTC timepiece. Its black leather strap is made of genuine Porsche interior leather with Speed Blue contrast stitching to match.



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