The Electric Brands eBussy is an EV that can be anything you want it to be

We’re big fans of quirky small EVs. Things like the Honda e, Fiat 500e, and even the Citroen AMI excite us to no end, because not only are they promoting the use of a more eco-friendly (and sometimes, exciting) powertrain, these cars are also pushing the envelope on car design and functionality. For those who share the same passion as us, we’re happy to report that there’s something new to add to the list – the Electric Brands eBussy.

The eBussy, which stands for Electric Bus System, is a modular electric vehicle system where buyers can choose their own preferred body styles to fit their own needs – from two-door pick-up trucks to camper vans and everything in between. Electric Brands calls this the “Lego principle”, and even says that you can change it as often as you want – no special tools or NASA engineers required.

Two chassis options are on offer – one more suited for regular streets use, and another for off-road shenanigans with raised suspensions and knobby all-terrain tyres – and all of the body shells will be compatible with both platforms. Both platforms are powered by four wheel-integrated electric motors, which means that the eBussy will have all-time all-wheel drive, so going off the beaten path in one of these is a genuine possibility.

Electric Brands says that the eBussy’s four motors generate a total of over 1,000 Nm torque, but we’re pretty sure that figure is measured at the wheels (like the Hummer EV), which isn’t comparable to how most car manufacturers measure torque. Horsepower is rated at 15 kW (around 20 hp), and the company also quotes a top speed of 90 km/h.

Weighing in at less than 600 kg without batteries (and depending on module chosen), the eBussy is said to have a range of between 200 to 800 km. The large delta in range is once again dependent on how you configure your vehicle, which can carry between 10 to 30 kWh of battery packs.

The eBussy also comes as standard with a foldable solar charging panel on the roof, which can expand up to 8 metres square in size, giving you a charging capacity of “13 kWh per day”. Electric Brands also says that it plans to set up battery-switching stations, where you’ll be able to exchange your empty batteries for a fully charged one to extend your range.

Electric Brands is now taking orders for the eBussy, and its website reports that it has already received 4,171 bookings so far. Prices start at around EUR15,800 (approx. RM77k), and obviously rises depending on the modules selected.



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