New Shell Helix Power, Protect engine oils make it easy to choose the right one for your car

While car nerds like us do pay attention to the technical details while choosing the right engine oils for our cars, the majority of car users tend to just leave the choice to the workshop or service centres as the complex jargons can be quite daunting to the day-to-day commuting drivers.

With the launch of the new Shell Helix Power and Helix Protect engine oils, Shell Malaysia is looking to bring the important choice back to the car owners by focusing more on benefits rather than technical specifications, making it easier to choose the right engine oil based on one’s driving style and needs.

As their names suggest, the Power variant, which is in fact a fully-synthetic 0W-40 viscosity engine oil with several performance-focused additives, is designed for customers who spend most of their times on highways and hilly terrains that demand more power and acceleration on tap.

On the other hand, the Protect variant, formulated as a fully-synthetic 0W-30 viscosity engine oil with additional lubricative and cleaning additives, is designed for those that drive through start-stop traffic in cities every day, putting the engines under tremendous stress.

Shell Malaysia says that both the engine oils will be compatible with most modern vehicles on Malaysian roads today that usually require low viscosity lubricants with 0W, 5W or 10W ratings. Both engine oils feature Shell’s latest PurePlus Technology, which is an “ultra-pure” base oil made from natural gas.

Designed as low viscosity fully-synthetic lubricants, the new Shell Helix Power and Protect engine oil can flow faster even at low temperatures to coat and protect key moving engine components during start-up.

As a result, the engine will experience less wear-and-tear effects from cold starts, better fuel economy, lower carbon emissions, as well as lower maintenance costs thanks to the longer oil drain intervals.

The Shell Helix Power retails at RM280 for a four-litre pack, while the Shell Helix Protect retails at RM240 for a four-litre pack. In conjunction with the launch, Shell Malaysia will also be giving away a free replica Scuderia Ferrari race car with the purchase of a four-litre pack of any variant at any participating workshops. The campaign will run from now till while stocks last.

At the launch of the new products, the company also distributed complimentary packs of the new engine oils, as well as Shell Helix Care Kits to Grab driver-partners, as part of its #BecauseWeCare initiative.


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