Isuzu Malaysia is offering relief to potential customers of its D-Max pick-up with a moratorium on financing payments on new vehicles purchased from 1st of June till 31st August 2020.

As the first programme of its kind in the pick-up segment, the Isuzu Deferred Instalment offers either a three or six month deferment period before customers need to worry about loan repayments.

In collaboration with Public Bank Berhad, the moratorium applies to every model in the Isuzu D-Max range except the 1.9-litre 4×2 Premium Auto variant. It offers up to 90% financing margin for a maximum tenure of 84 months. The minimum loan amount to qualify for this campaign is RM20,000.00.

According to CEO of Isuzu Malaysia, Light Commercial Vehicle Division, Masayuki Suzuki, “The objective of the moratorium is to help Malaysians move forward during this recovery period with the services of an efficient and versatile new Isuzu D-Max. By providing this moratorium, Isuzu hopes that customers will be able to speedily attain their new normal.”

Recently, the new 1.9-litre Single Cab version underlined its remarkable capabilities by traversing four of the highest peaks in Peninsular Malaysia carrying a tonne of load and covering a distance of 1,145km with fuel to spare underlining its capabilities as a dependable workhorse.

The 1.9-litre D-Max was launched in September last year with prices starting from as low as RM80k. The highlight of the new D-Max is its smaller capacity engine; it’s quieter, more powerful, more efficient and reliable than before, alongside minor aesthetic upgrades. The new engine, to the Malaysian market at least, makes 10% more power and 9% more torque with 150 hp and 350 Nm of torque.