“Subcribe to Own” anything from a Toyota Yaris to a Volvo S90 T8 with Flux

With the new Subscribe to Own, the Malaysian car subscription service aims to make car ownership simple, seamless and financially accessible.

The new Subscribe to Own service will allow you to initially subscribe to a new or pre-owned vehicle from the Flux collection. At the end of your subscription, subscribers will have the option to purchase the car. Check out their vast inventory of vehicles here!

With the new service, your monthly subscription payments can now also contribute towards the option to purchase the car. There are different subscription plans available – 12, 24 or 36 months – and mileage limit package of 1,250 km, 2,000 km or uncapped mileage per month for whichever car a subscriber chooses.

Based on the car and subscription plan selected, Flux sets a unique Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) for the car where you can purchase at the end of the subscription period – the shorter the subscription, the higher the GFV.

The GFV is predetermined and can be viewed transparently during the checkout process. For this, the subscriber is given up to 30 days before the end of his/her subscription to decide on whether to purchase the car. If that isn’t flexibility – we don’t know what is.

Flux’s GFV also includes processing fees for the transfer of ownership (such as Puspakom and JPJ charges). Insurance, road tax, maintenance, wear and tear are all covered by Flux during the subscription period, however at the end of it, when subscribers choose to purchase the car, road tax and insurance costs will be borne by the “owner”.

On top of that, Flux’s concierge will handle the entire process, so all you have to do is subscribe, sit back and wait for your car to be delivered at your doorstep.


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