Ever since the Batmobile from the 1960’s TV series based on the Lincoln Futura, “modern” Batmobiles have taken a more superficial approach but it seems the franchise is returning to its roots.

Compared to Michael Keaton’s Batmobile from the early 1990s and Christian Bale’s “Tumbler”, the new Batmobile seems to have adopted a more realistic, car-like approach, unlike the extra-terrestrial concepts of before.

In fact, it looks more like something out of a Mad Max film set than Batman’s! Specifications of the new Batmobile have yet to be revealed but based on these images, it seems like the new Batmobile will be powered by a V8 engine of some sort. The architecture of the new Batmobile itself seems to suggest that it’s based off an older American muscle car – only time will tell.

Die-hard fans of the franchise might have mixed feelings about this – some might cry foul, some might embrace it as a much-needed change and it won’t be the only thing that’s new about the franchise.

The biggest change of all in the upcoming film due in 2021 is the man behind the mask; now played by Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, of all people. Ugh. They should just make him drive a pink Volkswagen Beetle.

Source: Twitter


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