5-year-old boy drives mom’s car to buy a Lamborghini

Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) Trooper Rick Morgan was carrying out his routine speed enforcement on the I-15 highway when he noticed a Dodge Journey SUV driving erratically. Morgan decided to pull the car over for the sake of other road users’ safety, and to his surprise, found a five-year-old boy at the wheel of a running car, with no other passengers aboard.

According to the UHP, the little boy left home after an argument with his mom, in which she refused to buy him a Lamborghini. The kid was determined to get one by himself, and thus took his mother’s car to head down to his relative’s home in California, where he will be buying one with his own pocket money.

The journey from Utah to California on the I-15 usually takes approximately 12 hours. Unfortunately for the boy, he only made it about 3 km before running into Trooper Morgan, where he was promptly stopped. The UHP reported that no one was hurt, nor any property damaged during the kid’s joyride.

According to his parents, the boy’s elder siblings were looking after him that morning but fell asleep, allowing him to escape home with the family SUV. At this point, UHP said that no citations were written for the boy or his parents, though the report and evidences have been forwarded to the county attorney’s office for screening.

The five year-old boy’s determination in achieving his dreams is certainly commendable, though there are probably safer methods to do that. Also, the last we checked, a regular Lamborghini is usually priced a little higher than the $3 he has in his wallet. At least he still has his whole life ahead of him to reach his goals.


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