Most people know the brand RUF for the CTR “Yellow Bird”, thanks to the crazy ‘Faszination’ video showing off the modified 911 Turbo driving through the Nurburgring Nordschleife at its limits. Well, it’s either that, or through racing games like Gran Turismo.

However, you might not have known that the brand actually has a rich history dating back to the 1940s. As a celebration of their heritage, RUF has released an in-depth documentary to look back at their 80 years of passion for the love of great cars.

RUF’s affection towards Porsche started when Alois Ruf Sr., the founder of the family business, purchased a crashed Porsche 356 to restore it back in his shop in Pfaffenhausen. It was when a Porsche enthusiast offered to buy that exact car at a “super price” that the idea of Porsche restoration and modifications sparked in Ruf’s minds.

Over the years, RUF has moved from plainly modifying existing Porsche cars, into making their own custom parts and even complete models with completely bespoke underbody, such as the CTR Heritage Edition. What started out as a small local workshop has now spawned into a full-fledged manufacturer of their own unique models.

RUF factory

RUF holds a special place in many Porsche enthusiasts’ hearts, due to their devotion towards the community. When Porsche wanted to discontinue the 911 Carrera models back in the late 70s to push sales towards the 928, RUF took on the responsibility to make a 911 that driving enthusiasts would want, and more importantly afford to buy – as the Turbo models are just too expensive at that time.

As modern cars become more and more reliant on electronic aids to make it more “liveable” in a day-to-day situation, RUF’s desire to deliver the purest driving experience will continue to garner the respect it deserves from Porsche and driving enthusiasts for ages to come.