There’s now a fake exhaust to make fake noises for electric cars

Made by UK-based exhaust manufacturer, Milltek Sport, the Active Sound Generator is available either as a single or dual sound generator, for those who want some rumble to go with the silent performance of electric cars.

The Active Sound Generator system enables a user to control and select the exhaust sound of their liking to compensate the deafening silence of electric cars. The different sounds and volumes can be controlled via Milltek’s own app, which is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones.

The system can emit “hyper-realistic” sounds, according to Milltek, that correspond with the vehicle’s speed and throttle position. The system also includes a fake exhaust with a built-in speaker that emits fake exhaust noises that can vary according to the user’s preference.

While it may just be an aftermarket accessory of sorts for now, if applied onto mass produced vehicles, specifically electric vehicles, should further compel the current generation to make the transition from internal combustion engines. It’ll no doubt draw the attention of the next generation of buyers too.

Furthermore, aural pleasure aside, it should also make electric cars safer for pedestrians, especially the visually-impaired, as they’ve been the most vulnerable to the silence of electric cars.


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