You can now buy a perfume that makes you smell like a new car

To some people, the smell of a new car that’s just rolled off the showroom floor is as intoxicating and addictive as… let’s say coffee. Hey, we don’t judge – we do quite enjoy it ourselves in the test cars we’ve been in too.

However, not everyone has the perk of getting a new car every couple of weeks. If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough of that new car smell, the guys at Auto Trader has got you covered.
Motoring Journalist Darren Cassey reviews a fragrance.

We use “you” quite liberally here, because its limited quantity means that only those staying in the UK will be able to buy one, and that’s if you’re really willing to spend 175 Pounds (RM928 – as much as a monthly loan repayment) on a 50 ml bottle of new car smell.

Aptly named Eau de New Car, the fragrance is actually for you, not your car. According to the frankly hilarious press material provided by Auto Trader, the scent smells like “fine leathers and hard wax from the most premium of vehicles”, and is “designed to recreate the heady emotion of the first journey in a new car”.

Eau de New Car was developed by Auto Trader following their own research on the British consumers, which found that 25% of British adults associate the new car smell with success – and success also equates to attractiveness, naturally.

Although this might sound very much like an April Fools joke, Auto Trader wants you to know that they are very much serious about it – so much so that they hired former Top Gear presenter Rory Reid to shoot an advert for the product.

“Let’s face it – the feeling you get when getting into a brand-new car is unforgettable. From the shine of the metal, smoothness of the leather and the sense of pride you get taking it out for a spin for the first time – there’s little wonder that this is the scent we most associate with success. Why shouldn’t we be able to smell that scent and feel that way all the time?”, comments Reid.

If you’re interested in the “personal spritz of success”, the limited-edition Eau de New Car is available for sale on the Auto Trader website. Of course, you’ll have to sort out the logistics to ship it to Malaysia.


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