We spent an entire weekend watching the Diecast Rally Championship and so should you

It’s been a long winter break for Formula 1 as we prepare to kick off the 2020 F1 season this weekend in Melbourne, Australia. If you already can’t wait for some racing action, here’s a little something to help scratch your itch.

Jalopnik was tipped to a YouTube channel called 3DBotMaker, who makes videos such as the Diecast Rally Championship, or DRC. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the DRC is designed to resemble the World Rally Championship (WRC) as much as possible using diecast models.

The first “event” of the DRC takes place at Race Canyon, which is a 3D-printed track featuring bank turns and big jumps. The competitors are no laughing matter either, ranging from classic rally legends such as the Lancia Stratos and Ford Escort Mk. I Rally Car, all the way to the last-generation Volkswagen Scirocco.

Hot Wheels cars racing videos are nothing new, but what sets the DRC apart from the rest is the truly brilliant production quality – from the multiple camera angles and instant replays, to the model-specific engine sounds and other skidding and crashing sound effects.

And then there’s the deadpan yet scintillating commentary by “race commentators” 3D and 2D, complementing each other with their humour, enthusiasm, and mispronunciations. If Martin Brundle and David Croft are the best race commentators, dare I say 3D and 2D are a close second.

The 3DBotMaker channel is filled with plenty of these goofy videos, so if you value your productivity, probably best to avoid visiting during work hours. When you’re done with that, check out the equally nail-biting action in the Marbula One Marble Championship.


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