The world’s fastest accelerating car title now belongs to the Aspark Owl

If Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode isn’t quite enough for your thirst for speed, this new electric hypercar is probably going to reshuffle your brain. Meet the new Aspark Owl. 

Unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show, the Aspark Owl promises a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time in 1.69 seconds, claiming the title of the world’s fastest accelerating car. From stationary, the Owl reaches 300 km/h in just 10.6 seconds, onward to a top speed of 400 km/h.

In order to achieve these mind-numbing performance figures, the Aspark Owl utilises four Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) to produce 2012 hp and “around 2000 Nm” of torque. The Japanese firm claims that the Owl is almost two times more powerful than a Formula 1 car. 

The 800 volts powertrain draws power from a 64 kWh lithium ion battery, which promises a drive range of 450 km on the NEDC test cycle. Read: when you’re not constantly going pedal to the metal in your 2000 hp car.

When plugged in to a 44 kW charging system, the Aspark Owl can be charged in just 80 minutes. An advanced Battery Monitoring System continuously monitor each battery cell to minimize wear-and-tear in standard operating circumstances. 

In order to squeeze every ounce of performance out of the electric hypercar, Aspark took weight savings to an extreme with the Owl. The smooth curvy body is completely made out of carbon fibre reinforced plastic, and weighs in at just 180 kg

Underneath the body is a single-piece carbon monocoque chassis, weighing just 120 kg. Honeycomb structures are used in the chassis to absorb shock as much as possible in an event of a crash. 

The Aspark Owl stands just 99 cm tall, paired with the “feminine” body shape to reduce drag in the air. An active rear wing automatically comes out at 150 km/h to keep the car on the ground. 

Carbon ceramic brake discs paired with 10-pot calipers in front and four at the rear should provide ample stopping power. The Aspark Owl rides on double wishbone suspensions on all four corners.

All of these performance certainly don’t come cheap, as the Aspark Owl is priced at 2.9 million Euro (RM13.3 million). If you’re interested, act quick as only 50 units will ever be made. You might want to invest in a neck brace while shelling out the cold hard cash too.



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