Ford is unveiling a ‘Mustang-inspired’ electric SUV next month

First teased in January last year, Ford has just announced that their ‘Mustang-inspired’ electric SUV will be unveiled on the 17th of November.

We aren’t sure what ‘Mustang-inspired’ is supposed to mean, as it just doesn’t quite work from every angle we look at it, be it vehicle type, powertrain, or even number of doors.

However, from the video and images released by Ford, it seems that the new electric SUV – rumoured to be called the Mach-E – does take on a bit of influence from Mustang’s styling department.

The biggest giveaway of its Mustang ancestry, so to speak, are the taillights that feature Mustang’s iconic three rectangle design. Other Mustang design cues can also be seen with the tri-bar headlights, as well as muscular shoulder lines above the rear axle.

If that still doesn’t convince you, Instagram user allcarnews claims to have obtained a leaked 3D model of the fully-electric SUV, giving us a clear look at the long hood, swooping coupe-like roof line, as well as the new taillight enclosure. 

Currently, information on Ford’s first bespoke EV model is scarce. However, the American carmaker did announce that the unnamed electric SUV is capable of a range of 600km based on the WLTP standard, impressive to say the least. 


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