The DBS GT Zagato is Aston Martin’s new museum piece

Is your car collection lacking a centrepiece? Aston Martin has finally unveiled the DBS GT Zagato at the Newport Concours in Rhode Island, shown for the very first time in a complete production-ready form. 

There will only be 19 units of the Centenary Specification DBS GT Zagato, and you will have to buy it as a pair with the DB4 GT Zagato Continuation for an eye-watering £6 million (RM31 million). The two cars form the DBZ Centenary Collection to celebrate 100 years of the legendary Zagato signature, and Aston Martin’s 60 years of partnership with the Italian design house.

Based on the DBS Superleggera, the DBS GT Zagato will be using the same 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine, but this time with power bumped up to 770 hp! No official torque figures and sprint times have been announced yet. We expect the DBS GT Zagato to also carry forward the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission from the DBS Superleggera.

The DBS GT Zagato at the Newport Concours is draped in Supernova Red – a paint colour reserved exclusively for the Centenary Collection edition DBS GT Zagato – matched with contrasting satin black and gold 3D machined wheels.

The car also carries intricate details such as solid 18-carat gold wing badges, gold anodised side strakes and centre lock wheel nuts, carbon fibre roof, and the “living” 108-piece active grille.

The over-the-top design choices also extend to the interior of the car. Wrapped in Caithness Spicy Red upholstery, the central “saddle” design console is accentuated with a gold garnish, using a technique called physical vapour deposition which Aston Martin says takes upwards of 100 hours to print and polish.

We are not too sure about the gold garnishes, but we certainly don’t have RM31 million lying around..

If the design is still not up to your standards, the ‘Q by Aston Martin’ customisation service can help you take it up a notch, with free reign of material, finish and geometry choices to create completely bespoke components.

Aston Martin Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman said, “The design studio at Aston Martin has risen to the task magnificently, working alongside Andrea (Zagato) and his team. They have taken the already fabulous DBS Superleggera and shaped it into something which retains its Aston Martin identity, yet expresses itself as only a Zagato can. It is the modern expression of a timeless icon.”



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