The 2019 Tokyo motor show is just around the corner, and preparations by car makers are well underway. Ahead of the motor show, Mitsubishi has just announced the Mi-Tech Concept. 

The Mi-Tech Concept is designed as a compact electrified SUV, featuring a new downsized and lighter plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) drivetrain. Instead of a traditional petrol-powered engine, Mitsubishi has introduced a smaller gas turbine engine-generator to fit in its petite body size. 

Mitsubishi claims that the new PHEV drivetrain will allow both pure-electric and series hybrid driving modes, providing smooth and powerful performance characteristics inherent to electric vehicles. 

The Mi-Tech Concept will also feature a brand-new 4WD system, powered by quad electric motors. The new system utilises two motors each for both front and rear axles – rarely seen in electric cars these days, with dual-motor active yaw control. Mitsubishi promises optimum torque delivery to all four wheels with this new 4WD set up, delivering precise handling for both urban and off-road driving.

Mitsubishi’s latest advanced driver assistance and active safety systems will also make its appearance on the Mi-Tech Concept. Utilising augmented reality (AR) technology, the Mi-Tech Concept’s human machine interface (HMI) projects a variety of information detected via its optical sensors onto the windshield.

Based on the images provided by Mitsubishi, the Mi-Tech Concept appears to be without roof nor doors, therefore will probably not be anywhere near production ready. However, we are excited to see the new technologies make their way onto regular road-going cars soon! 

Other than the compact SUV concept, Mitsubishi will also be showing off the Super Height K-Wagon Concept, as well as the new Engelberg Tourer electric SUV – which was hinted as a replacement for the Outlander PHEV – at the 2019 Motor Show. 

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