Proton charges into new era with an “uncaged” Tiger

The new logo will make its debut in the locally-assembled Proton X70 and will be implemented in its new products and throughout dealerships in the next two years.

While the company had intended to implement some changes to its image after the takeover by Geely, focus was instead placed on solving other deep seeded issues such as customer service, improving the product line up, upgrading dealer network and ultimately restoring customers’ trust.

Ditching the “shield surrounds” from before, the new Tiger head not only looks more detailed but also more aggressive and is driven by three core values – innovative technology, reliability and international.

On the point of “innovative technology”, this signifies the brand’s intention and commitment to strive to greater heights with the most innovative technologies – incorporating global R&D and Geely’s iNTEC platform.

The “reliability” aspect refers to their product line-up and aftersales services. Proton is committed to improving the quality of their products and services through the adoption of global standards and extensive training of staff. Currently, Proton’s dealership network is made up of 102 3S and 4S centres.


As for “international”, it refers to Proton’s ambition to be one of the top three automotive manufacturers in the ASEAN region.

“Today as we unveil our new logo and tagline – Inspiring Connections – we are capturing the new ethos of Proton and our ambition to become a truly modern, global automotive brand,” said Proton Holdings Berhad, Dr. Li Chunrong.



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