You know the world has gone mad when a McLaren-commissioned golf bag that fits in the spacious rear load space of the McLaren GT grand tourer costs £5,000. Based on our current forex rates, that’s almost RM26,000, enough to buy a Perodua Axia 1.0 Standard E with a 5-speed manual transmission, with change left to go for a lavish local holiday with the family.

The same leather is used for both the luggage and interior.

You can read all about the 620 hp and 630 Nm McLaren GT in a story we ran in May, but the luggage madness doesn’t end there. The collection also entails a garment case (£1,700), weekend bag (£1,850) and a cabin bag (£2,800), all for a grand total of £11,350, or close to RM59,000 – more than enough for two Axias!

This looks tasty, only £2,800 or around RM15,000.

Of course, McLaren will tell you that the leather on the luggage are the same semi-aniline cowhide lining the interior of the GT, painstakingly put together and stitched by Italian artisans, and conforms to the standards set by McLaren. And of course, the pieces are made not only to fit the interior of the GT, but to also complement its interior aesthetics.

The first units of the McLaren GT are expected to reach customers by the end of 2019 (at £163,000 each, subject to taxes), however the McLaren GT bespoke luggage collection will be available from McLaren retailers from September onwards.