Just like smartphone companies, over the years, car makers have been out-innovating each other in various aspects of engineering just to go 0.1 second faster than their rivals.

We’ve seen active air flaps integrated into a car’s design, active suspension, increased use of carbon fibre to name a few, and it all makes sense but every now and then, some ideas are so extreme that they take a real quirky turn – like this Zenvo TSR-S for example.

Made in Denmark and debuted at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the Zenvo TSR-S does not only stand out from its wild exterior design but also through out-of-the-box-thinking automotive solutions. What you saw in the video is the TSR-S’ active multi-axis Zentripetal Wing doing its work.

The name ‘Zentripetal’ refers to the centripetal force also known as ‘centre-seeking’ force. The ground-breaking rear wing functions both as an air brake and a cornering stabiliser. When the TSR-S goes through a bend, the wing rotates relative to the car’s longitudinal axis.

This generates an inward force together with the conventional downforce, boosting inner tyre grip and cornering stability.

In addition, the Zenvo TSR-S also features an in-house developed twin supercharged 5.8-litre V8 high-revving racing engine, producing 1193 hp with more than 1100 Nm to show for.

Weighing just under 1,500 kg despite an all carbon fibre body, the TSR-S can get to 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds while 0 to 200 km/h will be done in 6.8 seconds. Its top speed is electronically-limited to 325 km/h.

The TSR-S is also fitted with a 7-speed paddle shift gearbox with helical-cut dog gears which can be switched between two setups for road or track use.

In Road setting, the gear change is electronic, with sensors adjusting the gear change to remove the harshness so often experienced by a dog box. This ensures a more relaxing drive in everyday use.

In Race setting, the brutal direct mechanical power-shift gear change is one of the fastest-shifting powertrains in existence.

For those of you who missed the YouTube live stream of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, do check out the short clips on their official channel.

It’s a yearly gathering of rare cars with an even rarer treat of seeing them in action – like this Zenvo TSR-S for example, where production is limited to just five cars a year.


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