Aston Martin’s latest mid-engined hypercar, made in collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies has been officially named the Valhalla – a warrior’s paradise in ancient Norse mythology where warriors who die in battle go to rest.

Seen as the baby Valkyrie, the Valhalla will be propelled by the combination of a turbocharged V6 engine and a hybrid system. Only 500 units of the all carbon fibre hypercar will be built.

Check out the Track Pack versions of the Valkyrie.

The name Valhalla continues the tradition of Aston Martin “V” cars dating back to 1951 with the Vantage designation was given to the high performance variants.

The first time the Vantage name appeared was on the DB5 and remained reserved for the most potent models until 2005, when the Vantage became a model line of its own.

Along with the Valkyrie and the Vanquish Vision Concept, the Valhalla continues the proud 70 year old “V” car naming strategy.

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Pan Eu Jin
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