You must be wondering what they’re smoking over there cause Lamborghini is said to be exploring “new horizons” with this Huracan Sterrato concept.

Its ground clearance has been increased by 47mm, with wider tracks and 20-inch wheels wrapped with specially-developed off-road tyres integrated into its new wide-body arches.

Underbody reinforcements and body protection have been fitted, including a rear skid plate, an aluminium skid plate in the front and aluminium-reinforced side skirts.

Stone-deflecting protection have been applied around the engine bay, with air intakes and mud guards made of carbon fibre.

An off-road LED light package comprises of a roof-mounted LED light bar and LED bumper lights with flood function.

Inside, the Huracan Sterrato features a lightweight titanium roll cage, four-point seat belts attached to the new carbon bi-shell sports seats and aluminum floor panels.

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