Lexus RC F in Men in Black wears a very Malaysian-looking registration plate

Product placement in Hollywood blockbusters gets you eyeballs, and the latest carmaker to leverage on this is Lexus in the forthcoming instalment of Men in Black, but something caught our eye in the global press release.

This photo was released by Lexus globally, the RC F sure looks like it’s in a basement parking in Malaysia.

It may well be a coincidence (probably is, maybe), but the registration plate on the right-hand drive V8-powered RC F coupe used by MIB agents looks a lot like a Malaysian issued plate; could it be that Chris Hemworth, Tessa Thompson and Liam Neeson – the main protagonists in Men in Black; International – were in fact in Malaysia for the shoot?

We tried reaching out to Lexus Malaysia for confirmation but to no avail, whichever the case, when MIB: International lands, expect lots of Lexus-es featured including RX Hybrid and LX SUVs, and of course the gorgeous RC F coupe sporting some alien technology aiding the agent in saving the universe and humankind.

Were Chris Hemworth and Tessa Thompson ever in Malaysia for the MIB shoot?


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