Video: Renault Megane R.S., Things You Need To Know

Ever since news of the new Renault Megane R.S. would make its way to Malaysia, I’ve had this dream for us for us to do a shootout featuring three of the hottest hatchbacks – the FK8 Honda Civic Type R driven by GC Mah, the Mk7.5 Volkswagen Golf R driven by Adrian and with myself being in the Megane R.S.

Wouldn’t that be something? And that’s the exact driver/car arrangement I’d want. Try to wrestle the Megane R.S. off me and those two would be driving with only one hand.

There are more than a couple of things that draw me to this car. Firstly, it’s got a slick, relatively short-throw 6-speed manual gearbox, it looks fabulous and that 4Control four-wheel steering system just makes it seem like no matter how hard you throw the car around a corner, the Megane R.S. would hold its own.

Sure the Civic Type R comes with a manual gearbox too, but I’m not a 19 year old teenager with spikey hair.

The Renault Megane R.S is priced at RM279,888 for the manual transmission model and an estimated RM299,888 for the EDC Automatic model.

For those of you who’d like a closer look at the Renault Megane R.S. should head on over to Mid Valley Shopping Centre where the car will be displayed from 24-28th of April 2019.



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