Gallery: The Kia Optima EX offers D-segment experience for C-segment money

Remember the Kia Optima EX we shared about last month? Well, sorry for the lack of pictures but since Kia has the car on display at the 2019 Malaysia Autoshow, here’s a closer look at the car.

If you observe closely, at RM139,888 with 5-years  unlimited  mileage  warranty, this car which sits below the powerful Optima GT, is nothing short of a value buy.

While it may lack the luxury of leather seats, it’s doesn’t exactly feel like a “kosong spec” car.

Frankly, the only major difference from the Optima GT is that the EX gets a 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated engine paired to a 6-speed automatic with 163 hp and 196 Nm, as opposed to the turbocharged Optima GT’s 245 hp and 350 Nm.

But if you think about it, not everyone needs that kind of performance. Granted it would be a little underwhelming on our major highways, especially when overtaking, but it should perform sufficiently in urban areas.

In terms of equipment, it still gets the twin projector LED headlamps, LED fog lamps and LED combination tail lights. New to the car, in comparison to the Optima GT is the imposing “vertical intaglio grille” and 17-inch wheels as opposed to 18-inch in the GT.

With the fabric seats being the only drawback for the RM30,000 difference in asking price, the cabin still gets powered seats for the driver (cause who cares about the passengers), a newly-added 360-degree Around View Monitor, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.



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