Bentley shows off the new Bentayga V8 “Design Series”

Joining the Bentayga Speed, the Bentayga V8 “Design Series” blends unique Mulliner exterior and interior features along with a host of existing Bentayga options.

The new key features of the Design Series includes the Palladium Grey Paragon alloy wheels and Self-levelling Wheel Badges – where the badge remains vertical as the wheel rotates – like in a Rolls-Royce.

The interior even gets new carbon fibre weave trims and a diamond-encrusted Breitling clock. The carbon fibre trims, seen on the dashboard and doors, were created specially for the Bentayga V8 Design Series.

The Bentayga Design Series makes a good 550 hp with eye-gouging 770 Nm, where 0 to 100 km/h is destroyed in just 4.5 seconds – just like the G63 AMG.



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