The City was Honda Malaysia’s best-selling car of 2018

Honda Malaysia announced yesterday that it had ended 2018 on a high as the No.1 car brand in the Non-National segment for the 4th consecutive year. The company also maintained second spot in overall Total Industry Volume (TIV) for three consecutive years.

The company said the three-month tax holiday period was a significant contributor to its total sales with 102,282 units sold in 2018 – a 6.6% decrease from 2017.

Among Honda Malaysia’s seven CKD model line-up, the Honda City was the biggest sales contributor, amounting to 32% of overall sales. The other significant contributors were the Civic at 16% and CR-V at 13%.

Honda is anticipating the TIV of 2019 to be at 580,000 units, with a sales target of 95,000 units for this year.


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