Ford is developing a “Lane-Keeping Bed” to stop your partner from invading your space

Sharing a bed with your other half can be a love/hate affair. On one hand, you’d want to be close – to snuggle up to them – on the other hand, there’s the issue of “space invasion”.

Most times it may be nothing more than an inconvenience, but if it occurs too often, your precious hours of rest could be affected.

Studies have shown that one in four of those in relationships sleep better alone while sleep loss have shown to increase the likelihood of an accident.

Behold Ford’s “Lane-Keeping Bed”; which ensures that even the most invasive of partners stay on their side of the bed.

Inspired by the Lane Keeping Aid feature found in most Ford vehicles, the Lane Keeping Bed uses pressure sensors to identify when your partner has invaded your space and returns them to their side with the use of an integrated conveyor belt.

Independent sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley said, “When sleeping together, many couples each have less space than a small child has in a single bed…such instances have been known to ruin relationships.”

The Lane-Keeping Bed prototype is part of a series of Ford Interventions that apply automotive expertise to tackle every day issues.


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