Back in 1926, Bugatti founder, Ettore and his son Jean built a scaled down replica of the Type 35 – the most successful racing car of all time – for Ettore’s youngest son to mark his 4th birthday.

What was supposed to be a one-off project for the “Bugatti Baby” as it was called, ended up in production with 500 units built after overwhelming response from visitors at Bugatti’s HQ in Molsheim.

In celebrating Bugatti’s 110th anniversary, they’ve now introduced the “Baby II” with only 500 units available, just like the original. Unlike the original, Baby II is three quarters the size of the actual Type 35 and can be driven by adults and children.

Like the original Baby, the Baby II is rear-wheel driven, propelled by a battery-powered electric powertrain. Get this, it even comes with limited-slip differential and regenerative braking!

The original Baby in black.

It also comes with two different drive modes; a 1.3 hp Child Mode with top speed limited to 20 km/h and a 5 hp Adult Mode with a top speed of 45 km/h.

For those crazy enough to want to drive it faster, it comes with an optional “Speed Key” like in the Chiron that removes the speed limiter while unleashing the full 14 hp.

Stopping should not be a problem with modern brakes applied all-round. The cockpit features an aluminium dashboard, leather seats and a replica 4-spoke steering from the Type 35.

Each car comes with a limited-edition numbered plaque and Bugatti’s famous Macaron badge, made of 50g solid silver.

The Baby II.

Prices for the Baby II starts from an eye-watering RM138k with production to begin at the end of 2019.

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