Early this morning, approximately 20 cars were affected after refuelling at Petronas Station Solaris Besraya. Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) has since come out and taken full responsibility for the incident.



According to the release, this was due to the mishandling of fuel products which cause the cars to run into issues after refuelling at this particular station. PDB has said that the Solaris Besraya Station is now temporarily closed for investigation and reaffirms that other Petronas stations are not affected. More than 10 cars were left stranded along Sungai Besi Highway after refuelling at said station.

PDB has since contacted all affected customers and will take full responsibility for the matter. The company is already taking the necessary measures and will compensate the affected customers accordingly. The video below shows the affected cars stranded on Sungai Besi Highway: