Mercedes-Benz A-Class receives best-in-class safety award from Euro NCAP

The newly-launched Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been award a 5-star rating by Euro NCAP after undergoing new and tougher crash tests introduced this year and emerged with outstanding results.

Among the factors that led to the A-Class’ commendable scores is passenger safety. The design of the vehicle structures incorporates findings from research into real accidents.

The passenger compartments are designed to be highly rigid using ultra-high-strength and press-hardened sheet steel, to mitigate frontal, lateral or rear-end collisions and roll-overs.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class comes as standard with driver and front passenger airbags, a driver’s kneebag, Thorax-pelvis sidebags and windowbags. Unlike its competitors, the windowbag also covers the A-pillar for a more complete passenger protection.

Driver assistance systems have also played a role in the A-Class’ impeccable scores. For the first time, the A-Class is able to drive semi-autonomously in certain situations. It keeps a very close eye on the traffic situation, with improved camera and radar systems allowing it to see far ahead.

Aside from that, the new A-Class also comes with the expanded Active Brake Assist as standard. Depending on the situation, it can effectively help to mitigate the consequences of rear-end collisions with slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles ahead, and even with crossing pedestrians and cyclists, or prevent them altogether.

Locally, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia offers two variants for the A-Class – the A200 Progressive Line and A250 AMG Line. The former comes with a 1.3-litre turbocharged engine making 163 hp / 250 Nm while the latter is fitted with a bigger 2.0-litre engine making 224 hp / 350 Nm.

Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG Line

Mercedes-Benz A200 Progressive Line


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