Here are the Top 5 most expensive Porsches ever sold

At long last, it’s back. Porsche has returned with yet another one of their much loved “Top 5 Series” and in this installment, we’ll go through some of the most exotic, most iconic, most decorated and most expensive Porsches ever sold.

Whether it’s their race cars or road cars, old Porsches have seen a spike in desirability, with their price tags skyrocketing along the way.

Based on personal observations, even a 996 Porsche 911 Turbo, the first water-cooled 911, which was easily available in the mid-RM100k, is now asking for upwards of RM200k. Lets not even start with their air-cooled models.

In this episode, the five cars featured include a Porsche 917/30 Spyder, 550 A Spyder, 911 GT1 Strassenversion, Le Mans-winning 956, and the iconic Gulf livery 917 K hardly springs any surprises.

Whether or not they justify their speculated prices, with the second most expensive capable of fetching more than USD 10 million, there is no doubt however that these cars are museum worthy pieces that represent Porsche’s defining, revolutionary and most glorious moments in motorsports and automotive engineering.


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