If you’re itching for a new car, you might want to wait for the new Mazda 3

So apparently some foreign media outlet decided that it would be alright to tease the world with some savoury images of the all-new Mazda 3 ahead of its global debut at the 2018 LA Auto Show happening real soon, so here it is.

As you can tell from the images, the actual car does not differ much from the concept. So far, not much has been revealed about the car except that Mazda will be adopting its new SkyActiv-X spark-controlled compression ignition engines. Watch how it works here!

It’s like watching a very exciting snippet of what’s to come in the upcoming season of your favourite TV show, it’s just so exciting!

What’s even more exciting is how the Mazda 3 looks even just standing still; if this isn’t the pinnacle of Mazda’s Kodo Design that projects Soul in Motion, I don’t know what will.

Those curves, the head and tail light designs, the flow of the body’s curves; it’s just like gazing into the eyes of a charming lady standing across the street – the new Mazda 3 is just full of fizz.

If you’ve just saved up a healthy pool of cash for a new car, I’d hold it back for now if I were you, and wait till the Mazda 3 arrives in Malaysia.



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