BHPetrol launches improved Infiniti Petrol with enhanced additives

BHPetrol has just launched its new Infiniti Petrol with improved additives available for both RON95 and RON97 grade fuels. The improved formulation promises lower internal friction and enhanced cleaning agents for smoother performance and better fuel economy.

New innovations that make up the new Infiniti petrol include a new Friction Modifier, enhanced Corrosion Inhibitor and superior Deposit Cleaning Agents. BHPetrol claims that the dosage of the additive is 800 parts per million (ppm), twice the recommended dosage by the additive company. The new additives help to reduce friction in the engine, promotes cleaning of carbon deposits as well as providing a layer of protection on the metal surfaces of the engine.

Motorist pumping the new Infiniti petrol can expect an increase in performance, improved fuel economy as well as cleaner exhaust emissions. The retail price of the improved Infiniti Petrol remains the same as the prices announced by the Government. For the month of November 2018, RON97 is priced at Rm2.81 per litre while RON95 is fixed at RM2.20 per litre.

The new Infiniti Petrol is available at all 380 BHPetrol stations nationwide.


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