The system is called “Advanced Connectivity” and can be accessed via a dedicated Bentley app. It’s not only quick, it’s supposedly reliable and highly secure as well.

Partnering with global communications company, Viasat, who’s responsible in managing 14 million WiFi hotspots, the Bentley Advanced Connectivity is a multi-channel virtual private network (VPN) which can hold up to three mobile network operators on a single signal.

The system is placed discreetly inside the Bentley’s boot lid, with the router connected to the on-board DC power supply.

The WiFi router links to a broadband connected hub located at a static site. This hub then links the Bentley system to the broadband connection at the host site, for unparalleled connectivity, reliability and security.

When using the Bentley Advanced Connectivity WiFi system while traveling at speeds of 110 km/h, a passenger is able to access a number of simultaneous entertainment and business applications – including high-definition video streaming across multiple devices – with uninterrupted service quality.

This new super-fast WiFi service is available in all Bentley models in 2019.


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