Jaguar recently celebrated the shared DNA of the XE 300 and the SV Project 8 with a super long, 1000 metre “artwork” that resembled the pattern of a “Double Helix” DNA molecule.

The XE 300 Sport and SV Project 8 shares the same lightweight aluminium body structure and all-wheel drive system to name a few. As the stunt required a large space to perform, the two cars did so on the Pendine Sands of Wales – where the same location had been used for motorsports for over 100 years.

“The aluminium-intensive body construction of the XE enabled Jaguar to create a car as special as Project 8. These two saloons share the same DNA, delivering excellent handling, peerless performance and unrivalled dynamics,” said Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar Land Rover.

Recently, both the cars also achieved incredible feats individually where the XE 300 Sport raced against an ice-skater while the SV Project 8 recently blitzed through the Laguna Seca circuit to a new record, on top of being the fastest saloon to lap the Nurburgring.


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Pan Eu Jin
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